A Food Traceability Framework Based on Permissioned Blockchain

Jiuliang Liu, Xingming Sun, Ke Song
2020 Journal of Cyber Security  
In recent years, food safety problems have become increasingly serious. The traditional supply chain traceability solution faces some serious problems, such as centralization, data tampering, and high communication costs. To solve these problems, this paper proposes a food traceability framework based on permissioned blockchain. The proposed framework is decentralized, and the supply chain data of the framework cannot be tampered with. The framework divides supply chain entities into five
more » ... zations, and each organization deploys its own chaincode onto the blockchain. The chaincode specifies the query permission of each organization, which can effectively protect the user's sensitive information. The PBFT consensus algorithm adopted by the framework improves the performance of processing transactions. The transactional throughput experiment shows that the proposed framework can achieve a high number of transactions per second. Query efficiency experiment demonstrates that the framework has lower query latency and good user experience.
doi:10.32604/jcs.2020.011222 fatcat:jwdvhi3d4nb6za4kcazw6gihmy