Dynamics of a spinning particle in a linear in spin Hamiltonian approximation

Georgios Lukes-Gerakopoulos, Matthaios Katsanikas, Panos A. Patsis, Jonathan Seyrich
2016 Physical Review D  
We investigate for order and chaos the dynamical system of a spinning test particle of mass m moving in the spacetime background of a Kerr black hole of mass M. This system is approximated in our investigation by the linear in spin Hamiltonian function provided in [E. Barausse, and A. Buonanno, Phys.Rev. D 81, 084024 (2010)]. We study the corresponding phase space by using 2D projections on a surface of section and the method of color and rotation on a 4D Poincaré section. Various topological
more » ... ructures coming from the non-integrability of the linear in spin Hamiltonian are found and discussed. Moreover, an interesting result is that from the value of the dimensionless spin S/(m M)=10^-4 of the particle and below, the impact of the non-integrability of the system on the motion of the particle seems to be negligible.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.94.024024 fatcat:fcr2bjpadjaxndmmqdqsvxlnwm