The Relationship between Organisational Culture and Job Satisfaction in Higher Education Institutions: The Bishkek Case

Celalettin Serinkan, Mehmet Kiziloglu
2021 Periodica Polytechnica Social and Management Sciences  
Organisational culture and job satisfaction are crucial insofar as human resources are the most valuable resources organisations have in today's business world. Organisational culture encompasses the characteristics that unite and integrate employees of an organisation and distinguish them from employees of other institutions. An employee who has high job satisfaction is an employee who enjoys his/her job and is satisfied with the conditions provided by the organisation. By doing the best that
more » ... hey can do, employees with high job satisfaction ensure that the institution has a competitive advantage and, as a result, extends its life. In this study, questions about organisational culture, levels of job satisfaction and factors influencing them were examined in higher education institutions in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Determining the relationship between organisational culture and job satisfaction in higher education institutions was also one of the objectives of this study. In this study, factors influencing organisational culture and job satisfaction in the case of higher education institutions in the service sector were investigated. In line with the research objective, a questionnaire was conducted in order to be able to explain the factors influencing organisational culture and job satisfaction of university employees and describe the relationship that exists, if any, between organisational culture and job satisfaction. Results showed that there is a significant linear and positive correlation between organisational culture and job satisfaction at a level of 47.2 %, which corresponded to a medium strength. In this case, an improvement in organisational culture will cause an increase in job satisfaction.
doi:10.3311/ppso.15319 fatcat:dggtwuhxsreb7kdnoyrqm3pcou