Social Big Data Analytics of Consumer Choices: A Two Sided Online Platform Perspective [article]

Meisam Hejazi Nia
2017 arXiv   pre-print
This dissertation examines three distinct big data analytics problems related to the social aspects of consumers' choices. The main goal of this line of research is to help two sided platform firms to target their marketing policies given the great heterogeneity among their customers. In three essays, I combined structural modeling and machine learning approaches to first understand customers' responses to intrinsic and extrinsic factors, using unique data sets I scraped from the web, and then
more » ... xplore methods to optimize two sided platforms' firms' reactions accordingly. The first essay examines "social learning" in the mobile app store context, controlling for intrinsic value of hedonic and utilitarian mobile apps, price, advertising, and number of options available. The second essay investigates bidders' anticipated winner and loser regret in the context of the eBay online auction platform. Using a large data set from eBay and empirical Bayesian estimation method, I quantify the bidders' anticipation of regret in various product categories, and investigate the role of experience in explaining the bidders' regret and learning behaviors. The third essay investigates the effects of Gamification incentive mechanisms in an online platform for user generated content. I use an ensemble method over LDA, mixed normal and k-mean clustering methods to segment users into competitors, collaborators, achievers, explorers and uninterested users. These findings help the Gamification platform to target its users. The simulation counterfactual analysis suggests that a two sided platform can increase the number of user contributions, by making earning badges more difficult.
arXiv:1702.07074v1 fatcat:suq27p5v6ree5mdlzqzm5lvhpq