Kinetics and Mechanism of Oxidation of Vanillin by Chromium(VI) in Sulfuric Acid Medium

Ahmed Fawzy, Ishaq Zaafarany
2016 Modern Chemistry & Applications  
The kinetics of oxidation of vanillin (VAN) by chromium(VI) in sulfuric acid medium was studied by a spectrophotometric technique. The reaction exhibited a first order dependence with respect to [Cr(VI)] and fractionalfirst orders with respect to [VAN] and [H + ]. Varying ionic strength or dielectric constant of the reaction medium had no significant effect on the oxidation rate. The proposed mechanism includes an intermediate complex formation between vanillin and chromium(VI) before the
more » ... etermining step. The final oxidation product of vanillin was identified by both spectral and chemical analysis as vanillic acid. The suitable rate law has been deduced. The reaction constants included in the various steps of the suggested mechanism have been evaluated. The activation parameters of the rate constant of the rate-determining step of the mechanism and the thermodynamic quantities of the equilibrium constant have been evaluated and discussed.
doi:10.4172/2329-6798.1000179 fatcat:7bwqi6nxnrhaxinzbqkzeovopa