G1700203 Development of Hazard List for Design of Consumer Products
G1700203 消費生活用製品設計において使用する危険源リストの開発

Yuki IIZAWA, Takabumi FUKUDA
2015 The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress Japan  
kets鍵 e bd ing wi 血 a variety of consumer products , it has been di 伍 cult to regulate all products . In particular , there is Iarge risk of vulnerable consumers and imported products . Thus, when consumer product designers perfbml risk assessment , exhaustive identi 丘cation of intended user and hazards is a necessity . In this study 」 integrated hazard list based of RAPEX ( the Rapid Alert System fbr Non − Food Dangerous Products ) which is operated in EU member states is developed . This list
more » ... is added additional items of hazard f辷 om lnternational Standards , e . g . ISO12100, ISOIO377, and accident inforrnation which is published by NITE ( National lnstitUte ofTechnology amd Evaluation )in Japan. The authors asked l O students in our engineering department to identify hazards of home − use circular saw and blender by using thc original hazard list in RAPEX and by using the developed hazard list . By comparisons ofnumber ofidentified hazards by each list , the effectiveness of the developed list is cleared . Adding to this , the authors checked whether all causes of accidents shown in NITE database and SG Standards could be identified by the developed 地 肛 d list or not , 跏 d concluded the list is usefU1 for designer ofconsumer product .
doi:10.1299/jsmemecj.2015._g1700203- fatcat:fsap7aqiufe5nldeimxeluxa7q