Speed-detachment tradeoff and its effect on track bound transport of single motor protein [article]

Mohd Suhail Rizvi
2018 bioRxiv   pre-print
AbstractThe transportation of the cargoes in biological cells is primarily driven by the motor proteins on filamentous protein tracks. The stochastic nature of the motion of motor protein often leads to its spontaneous detachment from the track. Using the available experimental data, we demonstrate a tradeoff between the speed of the motor and its rate of spontaneous detachment from the track. Further, it is also shown that this speed-detachment relation follows a power law where its exponent
more » ... here its exponent dictates the nature of the motor protein processivity. We utilize this information to study the motion of motor protein on track using a random-walk model. We obtain the average distance travelled in fixed duration and average time required for covering a given distance by the motor protein. These analyses reveal non-monotonic dependence of the motor protein speed on its transport and, therefore, optimal motor speeds can be identified for the time and distance controlled conditions.
doi:10.1101/482604 fatcat:xjsltimohbfj5ggyuwl6bmkwbm