Beam Line and First Vessel Wall Shielding in HYLIFE-II [report]

P A House
1999 unpublished
The present Heavy Ion Driver design for HYLIFE-II requires 96 beams from each side, or a total of 192 beams. The beams are separated from each other, at present, by an angle of 4.25 degrees. Two sets of Flibe (molten Salt) jets, 90 degrees apart, are used for x-ray and neutron shielding of the first vessel wall. Space between jets result in no shielding of each beam tube and a surrounding rectangular area of vessel wall. A vortex shielding device is proposed to provide this additional required
more » ... dditional required shielding. This report describes the near ideal quality of Flibe jets that are needed, for the shielding design to be practical. First wall shielding at locations other than close proximity to the beam lines, is accomplished by oscillating flow and extensions to the horizontal beam protection jets.
doi:10.2172/793703 fatcat:vup3s2kyxbcehbgyk3f35liom4