Regulation of Wnt Signaling by FOX Transcription Factors in Cancer

Stefan Koch
2021 Cancers  
Aberrant activation of the oncogenic Wnt signaling pathway is a hallmark of numerous types of cancer. However, in many cases, it is unclear how a chronically high Wnt signaling tone is maintained in the absence of activating pathway mutations. Forkhead box (FOX) family transcription factors are key regulators of embryonic development and tissue homeostasis, and there is mounting evidence that they act in part by fine-tuning the Wnt signaling output in a tissue-specific and context-dependent
more » ... er. Here, I review the diverse ways in which FOX transcription factors interact with the Wnt pathway, and how the ectopic reactivation of FOX proteins may affect Wnt signaling activity in various types of cancer. Many FOX transcription factors are partially functionally redundant and exhibit a highly restricted expression pattern, especially in adults. Thus, precision targeting of individual FOX proteins may lead to safe treatment options for Wnt-dependent cancers.
doi:10.3390/cancers13143446 fatcat:tlw2nqdu6zgexoxbs2y6id3eiy