A Hydrogenic Electrolyzer for Fuels

Bogdan Żółtowski, Mariusz Żółtowski
2015 Polish Maritime Research  
In this work - in view of still decreasing crude oil resources and increasing fuel prices - are presented issues concerning research on development of other, alternative fuel sources including those used in water, land and air transport means. One of them is hydrogen which, while burning, does not produce noxious carbon dioxide but only side effects such as heat and clean water. It is almost true that along with sudden drop of availability and rising price of crude oil many countries face
more » ... ountries face economical paralysis. Any of alternative sources is not capable of supplying even only a basic amount of such energy, not mentioning the whole amount of energy demanded by our civilization. Hydrogen as an independent fuel for internal combustion engines has yet to go a long way to commercialization. to be Co-burning systems (combustion of mixtures)of today used hydrocarbon fuels combined with hydrogen seem closer to this aim. As proved in many investigations the substitution of a part of hydrocarbon fuel by hydrogen enables to make use of beneficial features of both the fuels. One of possible solutions of the problem may be application of an innovative hydrogenic fuel electrolyzer which is presented and evaluated in this paper.
doi:10.2478/pomr-2014-0044 fatcat:3tflz4wupvfutj3rw6ejdvacpi