Resilience of Digital Protection Relay's Power Supplies to Powerful Nanosecond Pulses

2019 International Journal of Research Studies in Electrical and Electronics Engineering  
There are several publications that study sources of high-frequency electromagnetic pulses at power industry facilities and their influence on a DPR [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] . It should be noted that these publications discuss Japanese DPRs and the issues of the power industry in Japan. I could not find any information regarding European DPRs. Moreover, regardless of my personal extensive work experience in power industry, I did not come across any significant issues with a DPR protection during
more » ... otection during operation of highvoltage switching equipment in gas-insulated substations. It is weird to read that the use of such simple tools such as ferrite filters on control cables and additional absorbing capacitors on input terminals of a DPR and the printed circuit board of CPU [3] solved the problem of DPR's resistance to this kind of electromagnetic impact. One can assume that a Japanese DPR does not have any electromagnetic filters and circuits which suppress noise. Another Abstract: The article presents the results of testing the resilience of power supplies of digital protection relays to the effects of short high-voltage pulses. A strange fenomenon of the sensitivity of one of the relay types to standard nanosecond pulses5/50 ns with 1kV amplitude (EFT) and simultaneous resistance to more powerful standard microsecond pulses 1.2/50 µs with amplitude 6 kV µs was detected. By using standard EMC filters, it is not possible to increase the stability of this digital relay to EFT.
doi:10.20431/2454-9436.0501005 fatcat:glusooivkfghxhp2ncvjqsidky