Depth-dependent critical behavior inV2H

Charo I. Del Genio, Johann Trenkler, Kevin E. Bassler, Peter Wochner, Dean R. Haeffner, George F. Reiter, Jianming Bai, Simon C. Moss
2009 Physical Review B  
Using X-ray diffuse scattering, we investigate the critical behavior of an order-disorder phase transition in a defective "skin-layer" of V2H. In the skin-layer, there exist walls of dislocation lines oriented normal to the surface. The density of dislocation lines within a wall decreases continuously with depth. We find that, because of this inhomogeneous distribution of defects, the transition effectively occurs at a depth-dependent local critical temperature. A depth-dependent scaling law is
more » ... proposed to describe the corresponding critical ordering behavior.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.79.184113 fatcat:4b6gubh6crfbxjyx45x2v7wuhm