An Analytical Study for the Role of Fuzzy Logic in Improving Metaheuristic Optimization Algorithms

Sonakshi Vij, Amita Jain, Devendra Tayal, Oscar Castillo
2019 Journal of Automation, Mobile Robotics & Intelligent Systems  
The research applications of fuzzy logic have always been multidisciplinary in nature due to its ability in handling vagueness and imprecision. This paper presents an analytical study in the role of fuzzy logic in the area of metaheuristics using Web of Science (WoS) as the data source. In this case, 178 research papers are extracted from it in the time span of 1989-2016. This paper analyzes various aspects of a research publication in a scientometric manner. The top cited research papers,
more » ... ry wise contribution, topmost organizations, top research areas, top source titles, control terms and WoS categories are analyzed. Also, the top 3 fuzzy evolutionary algorithms are extracted and their top research papers are mentioned along with their topmost research domain. Since neuro fuzzy logic poses feasible options for solving numerous research problems, hence a section is also included by the authors to present an analytical study regarding research in it. Overall, this study helps in evaluating the recent research patterns in the field of fuzzy metaheuristics along with envisioning the future trends for the same. While on one hand this helps in providing a new path to the researchers who are beginners in this field as they can start exploring it through the analysis mentioned here, on the other hand it provides an insight to professional researchers too who can dig a little deeper in this field using knowledge from this study.
doi:10.14313/jamris_4-2018/22 fatcat:xtpnt4iccrd4jau6eni5qujere