Parallel manipulations of octrees and quadtrees [chapter]

Vipin Chaudhary, K. Kamath, P. Arunachalam, J. K. Aggarwal
1992 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Octrees o er a powerful means for representing and manipulating 3-D objects. This paper presents an implementation of octree manipulations using a new approach on a shared memory architecture. Octrees are hierarchical data structures used to model 3-D objects. The manipulation of these data structures involves performing independent computations on each node of the octree. Octrees are much easier to deal with than other forms of representations used to model 3-D objects especially where
more » ... e manipulations are involved. When these operations are distributed among multiple processing elements (PEs) and executed simultaneously, a signi cant speedup may b e a c hieved. Manipulations such as a complement , a u n i o n , a n i n tersection and other operations such as nding the volume and centroid which this paper describes are implemented on the Sequent Balance multiprocessor. In this approach the PEs are allocated dynamically, resulting in a uniform load balancing among them. The experimental results presented illustrate the feasibility of the approach. Although this evaluation has been originally done for shared memory machines, it will provide insight for the evaluation on other architectures. ? This research w as supported in part by I B M .
doi:10.1007/3-540-56346-6_31 fatcat:33cpwbwievdmran7o4rwki3sy4