The effect of biostymulants and stubble crop on weed infestation of short-term spring wheat monoculture
Wpływ stosowania biostymulatorów i międzyplonu ścierniskowego na zachwaszczenie łanu krótkotrwałej monokultury pszenicy jarej

2015 Progress in Plant Protection  
The field research was conducted at the Agricultural Advisory Centre in Łosiów in 2011 and 2012. The aim of the study was to investigate the response of spring wheat on continuous cropping and to determine the impact of regeneration treatments (biostimulants, stubble crop) on weed infestation and the yield of wheat grown in monoculture. The use of biostimulants in monoculture proved to be ineffective in reducing weed infestation of spring wheat and stubble cropping caused a decrease only in dry
more » ... matter of weeds. There was no unequivocal effect of the experimental factors on the yield of spring wheat.
doi:10.14199/ppp-2015-028 fatcat:uwei6meyvrdkziixbdoq6vbigu