Temperature-biased double-loop Josephson flux transducer [article]

Claudio Guarcello, Roberta Citro, Francesco Giazotto, Alessandro Braggio
2022 arXiv   pre-print
We theoretically study the behavior of the critical current of a thermally-biased tunnel Josephson junction with a particular design, in which the electrodes of the junction are enclosed in two different superconducting loops pierced by independent magnetic fluxes. In this setup, the superconducting gaps can be modified independently through the magnetic fluxes threading the loops. We investigate the response of the device as a function of the magnetic fluxes, by changing the asymmetry
more » ... , i.e., the ratio between the zero-temperature superconducting gaps δ=Δ_10/Δ_20, and the temperatures of the two rings. We demonstrate a magnetically controllable step-like response of the critical current, which emerges even in a symmetric junction, δ=1. Finally, we discuss the optimal working conditions and the high response of the critical current to small changes in the magnetic flux, reporting good performances of the transducer, with a high transfer function that depends on the operating point and the quality of the junction.
arXiv:2110.10585v2 fatcat:rcxymsbtazfb5e3selqo2njo3y