Positivity of Chlamydia Pneumoniae Antibody and It's Significance in Atherosclerosis

Jun Kyoung Kim, Joon Yong Chung, Bo Young Sung, Yoon Cheol Kim, Jung Hee Kim, Min Soo Lee, In Hwan Sung, Eun-Seok Jeon
1999 Korean Circulation Journal  
The relationship between infection of microorganism and atherosclerosis has been studied because the pathophysiology after infection is similar to those of cell injury and or lipid theory. Although there are many reports which described the relationships between the infection of chalamydia pneumoniae and the atherosclerosis. In Korea, even the prevalence of chlamydia infection has not been studied yet. This study was purposed on the prevalence of chlamydia infection and it's correlation to
more » ... osclerosis. Methods 235 subjects were enrolled and age and sex adjusted subjects were divided into two groups, normal controls n 43 , atherosclerosis AS, n 90 group coronary artery disease CAD, n 61 and cerebrovascular disease CVD, n 29 . Serum total cholesterol TC , triglyceride TG , HDL-cholesterol HDL-C were measured, LDL-cholesterol LDL-C was calculated. Serum IgG chlamydia antibody were measured by ELISA method. Results TG was significantly higher in AS 162.51 100.04 mg dL vs 122.91 63.31 mg dL, mean SD, p 0.019 , and HDL-C was significantly higher in controls 47.30 9.88 mg dL vs 39.38 8.29 mg dL, p 0.01 . Levels of LDL-C and TC were not statistical significant. Serum IgG chlamydia antibody was positive in 29.8% 70 235 , 30% 27 90 in AS group and 28% in controls and there was no statistical significance between groups p 0.804 . Conclusion In conclusion, there was no significant differences in positivity of IgG chlamydia antibody in AS compared with that of controls. Overall positivity of chlamydia antibody was lower in Korea than in other country. It is still controversial whether Chlamydia pneumoniae is a primary etiologic agent of atherosclerosis or not. This study could not demonstrate the relationship between chlamydia infection and atherosclerosis in Korea. The effectiveness and indications of antichlamydial antibiotics for prevention of cardiovascular complications in atherosclerosis and overall chlamydia infection in general population will be needed in large scale trials. Korean Circulation J 1999 ; 29 2 : 146-152 KEY WORDS Atherosclerosis·Coronary artery disease·Chlamydia antibody.
doi:10.4070/kcj.1999.29.2.146 fatcat:c3awam47yvevbik7lp6aljuzdy