Phase synchronization and polarization ordering of globally coupled oscillators

Alessandro Scirè, Pere Colet, Maxi San Miguel
2004 Physical Review E  
We introduce a prototype model for globally-coupled oscillators in which each element is given an oscillation frequency and a preferential oscillation direction (polarization), both randomly distributed. We found two collective transitions: to phase synchronization and to polarization ordering. Introducing a global-phase and a polarization order parameters, we show that the transition to global-phase synchrony is found when the coupling overcomes a critical value and that polarization order
more » ... ncement can not take place before global-phase synchrony. We develop a self-consistent theory to determine both order parameters in good agreement with numerical results.
doi:10.1103/physreve.70.035201 pmid:15524572 fatcat:x433vpvljnamhaqutrxt7zdd3a