Simulation of Acoustic Wave Propagation in Aluminium Coatings for Material Characterization

Eva Grünwald, René Hammer, Robert Nuster, Philipp Wieser, Martin Hinderer, Ingo Wiesler, Rudolf Zelsacher, Michael Ehmann, Roland Brunner
2017 Coatings  
Aluminium coatings and their characterization are of great interest in many fields of application, ranging from aircraft industries to microelectronics. Here, we present the simulation of acoustic wave propagation in aluminium coatings via the elastodynamic finite integration technique (EFIT) in comparison to experimental results. The simulations of intensity (I)-defocus (z) curves, obtained by scanning acoustic microscopy (SAM), were first carried out on an aluminium bulk sample, and secondly
more » ... n a 1 µm aluminium coating deposited on a silicon substrate. The I(z) curves were used to determine the Rayleigh wave velocity of the aluminium bulk sample and the aluminium coating. The results of the simulations with respect to the Rayleigh velocity were corroborated by non-destructive SAM measurements and laser ultrasonic measurements (LUS). Keywords: aluminium coatings; acoustic simulation; scanning acoustic microscopy; V(z); acoustic material signature; Rayleigh wave velocity, integrated computational material engineering
doi:10.3390/coatings7120230 fatcat:velmgfcrprfq3pj5ikjiofyx4m