Behavior of Cast {TI OR TA}-Containing Alloys Based on Nickel and/or Cobalt in High Temperature Oxidation:Effect of the NI/ CO Ratio

Patrice BERTHOD, Zahra Himeur, Lydia Toubal, Ouarda Abed, Mélissa Léglise
2018 Materials Science: Materials Review  
Many of the cast superalloys chosen for specific applications at high temperatures, such as tools devoted for shaping molten glass, are based on nickel or cobalt. They contain chromium and carbon to achieve good resistances against both mechanical stresses and hot oxidation/corrosion, by favoring the formation of reinforcing carbides at solidification and the development of a protective oxide scale of chromia during service. In presence of tantalum or titanium in the chemical composition of the
more » ... composition of the alloys, high performance MC carbides may be obtained but this depends on the base element. One recently observed how the respective proportions of nickel, cobalt and chromium may promote the formation of TiC or TaC at the expense of chromium carbides. The ratings chosen for No, Co and Cr may have high influence on the oxidation of the alloys at high temperature this is what was studied in this work.
doi:10.18063/msmr.v2i2.698 fatcat:gj4rsmthzjgodh32fuvsdnfy7i