Effect of Nitrogen and Periphyton Extract on the Growth of Nostoc sphaericum in Cultures

Itzel Becerra-Absalón, Thomas Buhse, Carlos Polanco, Rosaluz Tavera
2012 ISRN Ecology  
Nostoc sphaericum shows marked growth differences in two Mexican wetland ecosystems consisting of rain forest and tropical deciduous forest, respectively. The amount of nitrogen and periphyton extract dominated by other Cyanoprokaryota had been identified as the most obvious differences between these two ecosystems. We studied the impact of these variables on the physiology and morphology of N. sphaericum. that is, the chlorophyll-a content of the thalli and the changes in the size of the
more » ... e size of the trichomes as well as the cell division rate. Our results combined with a statistical verification indicate that the cell division rate of N. sphaericum with solid media is neither stimulated by nitrogen nor by accompanying cyanoprokaryotes and therefore is assumed to have no impact on the thalli observed in situ. However, these two variables are affecting the size of both the trichomes and the thalli, thus suggested to cause the observed growth differences between the two wetlands.
doi:10.5402/2012/935476 fatcat:r6k7ba36dnabfaty26q6ghegyu