D5.2 KPIs for Open Science in transport evaluation

Kristel Palts, Attila Akac, Afroditi Anagnostopoulou, Jakob Michelmann
2021 Zenodo  
The objective of Task 5.2 is to present the main KPIs for evaluating the Open Science services in transport research. More detailed, task 5.2 aims at developing proper Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for assessing Open Science in transport in terms of validity or not. The main objective is to determine proper criteria and measures that will be used to evaluate the performance of Open Science in transport research. The proper assessment of the Open Science in transport will embed an on-going
more » ... alysis which will help to assess the proper critical success factors such as transport research policies, transport research projects per mode of transport, transport research infrastructures and software per mode of transport or per EU country member state, transport research publications per mode of transport or per transport research policy. This Deliverable is the second step in the strategic development carried out in BE OPEN WP5 – "Guidelines for promoting Open Science". With the elaboration of an initial list of KPIs for monitoring the system, this report contributes to measure effective implementation of Open Science in transport research data. The work carried out has been based on literature review and using information gathered in BE OPEN project, including input from Deliverables D5.1 "Identifying barriers, challenges and opportunities for Open Science" and D3.2 "TOPOS development". This deliverable builds up on two main sections. The first chapter is dedicated to mapping the situation and paving the way for KPIs in Open Science research data in general and for international guidelines by highlighting the most important areas that should be considered for successful monitoring and evaluation of Open Science implementation in the research sector. In order to focus on transport and transport research data, information mainly deriving from BE OPEN Project activities has been considered to highlight the challenges and opportunities of Open Science in such a sector together with key stakeholders identified. The succ [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4943990 fatcat:tinmum2kejccxa2lsbybp3627e