Opening-up entangled conversations: Engaging with the stories of refugee-background students in Australia [thesis]

Fabiane De Oliveira Wendhausen Ramos
In midst of the extremely complicated geopolitical turmoils of our times, I seek to open-up entangled conversations with and about refugee-background students in Australia. Here, opening-up takes multiple meanings. It signifies starting, unlocking, making something available, showing. Opening-up carries its various meanings while interacting with entangled and conversations. The connotation of entangled relates to complexity. It means intricate situations where elements are interconnected and
more » ... nterconnected and not easily pulled apart. Conversations represent dialogical interactions where exchanges of knowledge take place. And the intricate exchange of knowledge I am writing about takes place within a story. This story, since the day I typed its first words has changed and transformed. In its present form, this is a story about many things. Firstly, this is a story about education: a narrative about the experiences of seven EAL (English as an Additional Language) refugee-background youth, who have successfully iv
doi:10.14264/uql.2018.375 fatcat:ngkyct2rszfsxk7rpstxfumhwa