Cover Coat Materials for Coater Section

Kazuya Tange
Meiji has a lot of rubber cover materials for the paper manufacture roll, and we are supplying the cover material that is appropriate for each section. We developed PRES COAT first as a cover material for Coater Backing roll that was the preparation the maintenance done by the customer. Afterwards, we developed MULTICHEM that improved abrasion resistance, and these two kinds of cover materials are popular, and used by a lot of customers. In addition, we develop the product corresponding to
more » ... mer's needs, and developed two kinds of cover materials of an EXCEL COAT and SUPER COAT in recent years. Especially, SUPER COAT has an excellent feature in abrasion resistance and the dirt-proof character. Moreover, we developed Justie Coat as the newest cover material. Justie Coat has the excellent character for dirt not to be attached easily and to be easy to remove dirt. In this time, we introduce the background of the development of cover material for Coater Backing roll. And we introduce the feature and the material physical properties etc. of each cover material. Moreover, it introduces the usage condition in the customer and the evaluation by the customer.
doi:10.2524/jtappij.66.852 fatcat:3phmvcclmjhu3b3r3x4ih3ezc4