Microwave and Ultrasound Augmented Leaching of Complicated Zinc Oxide Ores in Ammonia and Ammonium Citrate Solutions

Libo Zhang, Haoyu Li, Jinhui Peng, Chandrasekar Srinivasakannan, Shiwei Li, Shaohua Yin
2017 Metals  
Recovery of zinc from low grade zinc oxide ore is attempted with ammonia and ammonium citrate solutions augmented by microwave roasting and ultrasound radiation. The influence of the ammonia-ammonium ratio, roasting temperature, ultrasound power, and leaching time were assessed on the recovery of zinc. A maximum zinc recovery of 88.57% could be achieved at a roasting temperature of 673 K, leaching temperature of 298 K, stirring speed of 300 rpm, total ammonia concentration of 5 mol/L with an
more » ... 5 mol/L with an ammonium citrate concentration of 1.2 mol/L, liquid to solid ratio of 5:1, the ultrasound power was 600 W and the leaching time was 120 min. The enhancement in recovery with increases in the roasting temperature up to 673 K was attributed to the conversion of ZnCO 3 to ZnO. The phases of mineral samples and the reaction residues were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD).
doi:10.3390/met7060216 fatcat:auh2c4ap6zchjht5p4gxqgbguq