Research on the Cannibal Expression of Invisible Horror Elements in Films
영화에서 나타나는 비가시적 공포요소의 카니발적 표현 연구

Timothy Yoon-Suk Lee, Ju-Hyun Jin
2011 The Journal of the Korea Contents Association  
Different from visible horror elements that confront the characters directly and do physical harms, invisible horror elements are expressed through suggestion and imagination and their realities are not disclosed. For the disclosure of the realities of invisible horror elements, they are expressed through the overturned relation between the subject and victim of horror as in 'The Others' or through body snatching as in 'The Happening' and 'Paranormal Activity'. The overturn of relation and body
more » ... snatching are connected to cannibalism in that the former causes a sudden change of personality and the latter takes the body of others. Cannibalism and the change of personality belong to the formalization and illogic of lower order resulting from cannibalism. The meaning of invisible horror elements in films seems to be contradictory to the original meaning of cannibalism, which is entering the sphere of utopian freedom, but considering that the reversed role resolves conflicts and tensions from terror and gives relief from fear, the meaning may be consistent with the spirit of cannibalism, namely, entering 'the sphere of freedom. In this study, the author attempted to analyze how the expression and plot of films showing invisible horror elements are related with cannibalism. ■ keyword :|Cannibal|Horror|Invisible|Semiotics|Film|
doi:10.5392/jkca.2011.11.3.190 fatcat:czgpnv3hf5crrp52neentt25ci