Removal of Volatile Organic Compounds Using Biofilter

2014 Asian Journal of Chemistry  
In this study, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) was removed using biofilter coupled with bake-out exhaust. The removal efficiencies under different temperatures and the pollutant concentrations in the airstream were analyzed. It can be found that removal effect under 30 ºC is better than of 40 ºC in biotrickling filter. In addition, with physiological and biochemical experiments as wells as 16S rDNA and bacterial fatty acids, four bacterial strains were isolated from the biotrickling filter
more » ... identified. At last, these bacterial strains were characterized as Pseudomonas sp., Kocuria sp., Arthrobacter sp. and Bacillus sp. Based on the adsorption-biofilm purification model, the dynamic course of biotechnology for the low concentrations of volatile organic compounds was simulated. The results indicate that the model predicted value and the actual value correlates greatly.
doi:10.14233/ajchem.2014.18102 fatcat:3gwujxs3nnbc3eotgjkehno66u