1884 Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)  
around its most contracted portion or stem. The surface of the stone was rough. It could be easily cut with a knife, the section showing a laminated structure. A drop of acid upon the surface caused carbonic acid to bubble up, showing that carbonate of lime entered into its composition. Chemical analysis showed that phosphate of lime was the chief constituent. The tumor had annoyed the patient for a long time. Its peculiar nature was not suspected till revealed by ulcération of the sac.
more » ... of the sac. PERITYPHLITIS TERMINATING IN RESOLUTION. J. B. STAIR, M.D. John Frost ; American farmer; aged 30 years; pr evi ousl y healthy, while eating supper on Monday evening, Nov. 26, 1883, felt a sensation of soreness in the right iliac region. It was not severe, and gave so little trouble that on the next morning he went to his usual work, and continued working until noon, when, the pain becoming much worse, he took to his bed. The pain from that time until Thursday morning, when I first saw him, was of an intermittent character, and very severe, and was general over the whole abdomen. On my first visit to the patient, the surface of the abdomen was excessively tender, the weight of the bedclothes even causing increased di stress. Pulse was 108; temperature high. There had been some vomiting, and the bowels were constipated, though they had been moved freely by injection. I regarded the case as one of peritoneal inflammation, and sufficient morphia was given to procure rest, combined with small doses of calomel, and fomentations over the abdomen. I saw the patient again the next day, it being the 30th. General condition about the same ; pain, however, had become located in the right iliac region ; great tenderness there, and a not well-defined feeling of induration. Diagnosed form¬ ing abscess of, or in the region of, the vermiform ap¬ pendix. Continued anodynes and the application of fomentations over the affected locality.
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