D. H. Lawrence as a critic of Bloomsbury [article]

Philip Hyman Joffe
In the early years of this century a group of Cambridge graduates began meeting in the London district of Bloomsbury. For a period of time extending from the beginning of the second decade until well into the thirties, the Bloomsbury group, as they became known, was a powerful cultural establishment in England. A number of the major creative talents of the period were excluded by Bloomsbury, and, in turn, it was criticized.by them. D.H. Lawrence was associated with Bloomsbury and he criticized
more » ... and he criticized it discursively. He also wrote a novel about it. Bloomsbury, as a concern in Lawrence's thought, and as a subject of what has been recognized by many to be his major novel, Women in Love, is the concern of this thesis.
doi:10.14288/1.0107156 fatcat:2ip7bjnwxfdvhkgnxd6cwjjqfq