Vocal communication networks in large terrestrial mammals [chapter]

Karen McComb, David Reby, P. K. McGregor
Animal Communication Networks  
INTRODUCTION Many mammals give long-range calls that can be received over wide areas, often containing large numbers of receivers. In the case of mammals with fluid social systems, opportunities for exposure to the calls of others are further enhanced by the movement of individuals with respect to one another. In our chapter, we discuss the relevance of eavesdropping and communication networks in a range of mammal species, first considering how these concepts apply in cases where loud calls are
more » ... here loud calls are used to exchange social information in static territorial and fluid fission-fusion societies, and then exploring their potential importance where mammals use loud sexual calls to broadcast information about resource holding potential. We
doi:10.1017/cbo9780511610363.021 fatcat:rdpgz6b7njb2paahj6psp3nepi