The Nanaimo Free Press [Saturday, August 29, 1931] [article]

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pLoiT SKLEIIITO BEDMFIED i ^1, mirmpV'Vi tf men in Nor .ill lie >■■ •■"^'1 ■'" ,ml liiml ileiel'ipment icbcmej ™1v mmimal (ay. were bring de-^ bv .mInTitir. today. With "Soynirnl iunA uicr drawn aboot w iJKdO. tbe nncmploymmt board dew divert iutnte exl>endnure> t.) attainttf 3Tm ^rr ss JAa HOLT-IAUV OAVES "DIRIGIBLE" LAST SHOWIHCS TODAY CAPITOL NANAIMO. VANCOWER IStANO, BRITISH COUUMBIA. SATlAa)AY, AUQLBT 29. 1931. NlABSl H6. " ..mdnvtive cbaunelt and annfrtincramp. »iH l-e e.tabllabed uoto
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