Generation of 210 fs laser pulses at 1093 nm by a self-starting mode-locked Yb:GYSO laser

Binbin Zhou, Zhiyi Wei, Yongdong Zhang, Xin Zhong, Hao Teng, Lihe Zheng, Liangbi Su, Jun Xu
2008 Optics Letters  
We report the first demonstration, to our knowledge, of the femtosecond laser operation by using a new alloyed Yb:GYSO crystal as the gain medium. With a 5 at. % Yb 3+ -doped sample and chirped mirrors for dispersion compensation, we obtained pulses as short as 210 fs at the center wavelength of 1093 nm. The average mode-locking power is 300 mW, and the pulse repetition frequency is 80 MHz.
doi:10.1364/ol.34.000031 pmid:19109630 fatcat:bwoti3kbhzbxjdv5sofmbena34