1006 Dynamic Behavior of A Moving Body on 3-D Trajectory
1006 ローラーコースターの運動と振動に関する座標系の扱いの影響(OS-6 ビークルダイナミクス)

Yuji FUNAKOSHI, Katsuhisa FUJITA, NOBUKO Watanabe
2004 The Proceedings of Conference of Kansai Branch  
Dynamics of a moving body restrained on a 3 − D trajectory considering resistance te forward motiQn is investigated . The equation of motion of the moving body is derived by using differential algebraic equations ( DAE ) . By using this equation , the time his もory simulation analysis is performed . Also , the kinemaUcs and v 玉 braticak experiment have bee皿 perfbrmed using the actual roller coaster in site . The accelerations in simulation are colnpared to those in experiment . Both shQw a good coincidence qualitatively .
doi:10.1299/jsmekansai.2004.79._10-15_ fatcat:odcjslrkunamnplkibbiviviiq