Basic course on accelerator optics [article]

J Rossbach, P Schmüser
The main subject of this introductory course is transverse optics in cyclic high energy accelerators. It is based on three one-hour lectures on "Basic transverse optics" given at the CERN Accelerator Schools (P. Schmüser, 1986 [5], 1988, 1990, and J. Rossbach, 1992. Although the emphasis is on periodic solutions and their stability, application of the formalism to non-periodic structures is also treated. We have not expanded the material beyond what can be covered in 3 lectures, but the proofs
more » ... es, but the proofs are done more carefully and some examples and details have been added which might be useful in practice. After a brief introduction to the concepts of both weak and strong focusing of relativistic particle beams, types of magnetic lenses are discussed, followed by a careful treatment of the multipole expansion of transverse magnetic fields. Linear transverse single-particle dynamics is treated both in terms of transfer matrices and betatron oscillations. Transfer matrices of the most common accelerator lattice modules are explicitly given, including a brief introduction to quadrupole doublet imaging. Dispersion is treated, but no linear coupling. The concept of beam emittance, including Liouville's Theorem, is discussed from different points of view. Also effects of linear field errors, stability criteria and chromaticity are dealt with. FODO cells are treated in various respects. Finally, strong and weak focusing are compared quantitatively.
doi:10.5170/cern-1994-001.17 fatcat:jmkui4sbkzef7keouvpistm4qe