Mustafa Yüksel ERDOĞDU
2018 Turkish Studies  
The primary purpose of this study was to examine "The Relationship of Empathy, Moral Maturity and Academic Achievement with the Development of Primary School Students' Creativeness". This study was conducted in accordance with descriptive correlation research model. The population of this study is all of the primary schools in the district of İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Data of the study was obtained from the fourth grade students from 45 different primary schools. The sample of the
more » ... e sample of the study was consists of 982 students in which there are 528 female (54 %) and 454 male (46 %) students. In the research, Creativity Rating Scale, Moral Maturity Scale and Empathy Scale were used. In the study, t-test for the significance of the difference between the two variable means and one-way analysis of variance for the significance of the difference between the two averages, multiple regression analysis was used to predict the effect of more than two independent variables on the dependent variable. This research shows that there is a significant relationship of empathy, moral maturity and academic achievement with the development of primary school students' creativeness. Three variables of this study explain 19 % of variance of creativity level all together. Relative order of importance of predictor variables: achievement scores, empathy and moral maturity. Attending sportive and socio-cultural activities improve the level of creativity, empathy and moral maturity. It was observed that there is a significant relationship of the number of siblings, the order of siblings, income, and the education level of parents with the level of creativity. It is thought that the variables related to students' creative skills and their taking into account the educational environments have important effects on their development. Mustafa Yüksel ERDOĞDU -Turgay ŞİRİN Turkish Studies
doi:10.7827/turkishstudies.13746 fatcat:72fpi4s3vngv7a24kxuezkzii4