Monovalent Selective Anion-exchange Membranes Prepared from PVA-based Block Copolymers

Saeko HARADA, Yuriko KAKIHANA, Mitsuru HIGA
2020 Bulletin of the Society of Sea Water Science, Japan  
In this study, we prepared novel PVA-based anion-exchange membranes with monovalent anion permselectivity by coating one of the membrane surfaces with an aqueous solution of PVA-based block copolymers. To determine the permselectivity between Cl − ions and SO 4 2− ions through the membrane, electrodialysis was carried out using a mixed NaCl and Na 2 SO 4 solution. The permselectivity for Cl − ions against SO 4 2− ions through the membrane increased with increasing coating solution concentration
more » ... while membrane resistance was almost independent of the coating solution concentration. Also, a coating layer having a higher amount of charge group showed higher permselectivity. These results indicate that our modification method can be used to prepare a membrane with high permselectivity for monovalent anions without changing its membrane resistance.
doi:10.11457/swsj.74.1_50 fatcat:l2epbqguebdrdmwmy32sbcd3uy