Procaine and Procaine-Base-Infusion: A Review of the Safety and Fields of Application after Twenty Years of Use

Reuter URM, Oettmeier R, Nazlikul H
2018 Clinical Research Open Access  
The highly-dosed infusion with Procaine-HCl with sodium-bicarbonate as additive was firstly published twenty years ago. The method advanced to a routine in many centers for pain treatment, rehabilitation and natural medicine. The aim of the procedure is the systemic use of the various pharmacological features of Procaine, especially to inhibit pain and inflammation, for vasodilatation, anti-oxidation and to harmonize the vegetative nervous system. The addition of sodium-bicarbonate balances the
more » ... common latent pH-decrease in the periphery. The degradation products of Procaine, diethylaminoethanol (DEAE) and para-amino benzoic acid (PABA), have a systemic effect. For the safety of the patients after 500.000 applications: the procaine-infusion is safe. To improve the success rate of the method of the classic Procaine-Base-infusion should be realized an acid-base-diagnostic.
doi:10.16966/2469-6714.127 fatcat:hqcg7casurgkfn2gp3fnvs33pq