Puspendra Singh, Priyanka Singh, Ray J Butcher
2022 Journal of advanced scientific research  
In the current research we tried to isolate unsymmetrical Schiff base bearing bis-aryl tellurium dichloride by the treatment of 1-(thiophen-2-yl)-N-(p-tolyl)methanimine with anisyltellurium trichloride in carbon tetrachloride solvent at 80ºC. However, we are unable to isolate our desired compounds due to decomposition takes place along with tellurium separation. From the reaction mixture, we are able to isolate only yellow coloured needle shaped crystal of bis-(pmethoxyphenyl)tellurium
more » ... e: (p-MeOC6H4)2TeCl2 . The crystal was characterized by several spectroscopic techniques along with single crystal x-ray studies. The crystal are triclinic with a = 10.1853(12), b = 12.3771(16), c = 13.4842(17) Å, = 109.235(5)°,= 99.519(5)°, = 102.705(5)°, Z = 4 and the space group is P-1. The structure has been determined by single crystal x-ray studies at 100(2) K and the final R value calculated from 11485 reflectionswas 0.0497.
doi:10.55218/jasr.202213311 fatcat:cqd62smj4jcevmfoyca6decudq