The Role Of Reading In Improving Speaking Skill In The Context Of Teaching English As A Foreign Language

Faheem Akbar
2014 Zenodo  
Teaching foreign language is a challenging task; in language learning, speaking skill is considered a core productive part of learning. With this in mind, this article investigates how speaking can be made articulate and smooth. Furthermore, this article also determines the relationship between reading and speaking proficiency and extent to which teachers-led reading can affect students' speaking performance. It is a known fact that lack of vocabulary makes learners stumbling and hesitant in
more » ... and hesitant in speaking, because words precede communication ahead. In language learning hesitations/weakness in speaking can be overcome by encouraging learners to read a specific text. If teachers engage their students in worthwhile activities, such as providing appropriate and interesting reading texts in order to enable them to communicate what they have read. This article aims to reveal how reading gears speaking and reduces time in learning foreign language.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.15946 fatcat:ammptb3kxbgudei2e77nsz6ola