2115 Application of Virtual Prototyping Technology for Launch Vehicle Development
2115 ヴァーチャルプロトタイピング技術のロケット設計への適用(OS6 製品開発と設計)

Keisuke KAWACHI, Kazutoshi HANZAWA, Koichi NAKAGAMI
2005 The Proceedings of Design & Systems Conference  
The research & development of Virtual Prototyping ( VP )technology of the launch vehicle development was carried out to improve tlle rehability of the 且 aunch sy8tem and vastly shorten its fu11 develop皿 ent period . The VP system enables designers to evaluate propriety of de8ign by simulating assembling operation in virtual space at an earIy stage of development befbre manufacturing hardware . to prevent outbreak of big 皿 alfUnctions at a last stage . This means that outbreak of serious malfunction can be prevented beforehand ,
doi:10.1299/jsmedsd.2005.15.288 fatcat:qu3bx4xkirboddzbma52k3xtpu