Design and Fabrication of Robot for Surveillance using Arduino

The World Is Full Of Surveillance, Which Was monitored by enemy countries. Especially, the border region of any country was controlled and monitored by the own country for their safety purpose, for that many technology was used to monitor the region. Earlier, the surveillance was done by human, which causes many deaths by enemy country. To overcome the problem, the technology was introduced for surveillance with the help of robot. But now, the technology was upgraded, which made us to make a
more » ... robot for surveillance, bomb detector with automated gun. In this project, this was controlled using arduino with Wi-Fi module. The camera was fixed and captures the video and monitored through it. The robot can move ups and downs of any place for surveillance with the help of motors. This was one of the multipurpose robots for military use.
doi:10.35940/ijitee.j9654.0881019 fatcat:4o43n62nhzctfj6hqpzxurrnki