Liver damage in severe COVID-19 patients from Sichuan area [post]

Lingai Pan, Tianlong Li, Chao Deng, Qing Du, Hong Chen, Sen Lu, Ruiming Yue, Yang Guo, Xiaobo Huang
2020 unpublished
Background: COVID-19 has spread worldwide, which becomes a huge threat to human beings.Materials: Severe COVID-19 patients from Sichuan area admitted to department of critical care medicine in Chengdu Public Health Clinical Medical Center were retrospectively enrolled. The liver function during the ICU hospitalization were record and analyzed.Results: The severe COVID-19 patients mainly presented with respiratory symptoms such as fever, cough and dyspnea, and the incidence was higher in the
more » ... s higher in the elderly patients and males. ALT, AST, TB, and PT increased to varying degrees during the course of the disease, and ALB decreased. The incidence of liver dysfunction in patients taking Lopinavir/Ritonavi was significantly higher than patient who did not have it, but there was no statistical difference (p<0.05). Patients taking low-dose Lopinavir/Ritonavi had a smaller effect on liver function than patients receiving normal dosage.Conclusion: Severe COVID-19 patients have obvious liver damage early in the course of the disease and have a slower recovery. Pay attention to avoid using drugs that can aggravate liver damage while treating the primary disease. If there is no alternative drug, we can give some liver protection treatment appropriately.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:7djyqijz7rddzjegz2paabjjla