A New Method for Optimal Placement of TCSC using ABC Algorithm in Power Systems

Mohammad Rafee, Shaik, A Srini Vasula Reddy
Technology, Engineering and Management   unpublished
In power systems because of uncertainty of the load curve and transfer of power between various utilities and loads create block out situations. In these situations the Flexible AC transmission system (FACTS) controllers play an important role in power system security enhancement. As the capit al cost of these controllers is high, these controllers must be placed optimally. FACTS devices can regulate the active and reactive power control as well as adaptive to voltage-magnitude control
more » ... de control simultaneously because of their flexibility and fast control characteristics. Placement of these devices at optimal location can lead to control in line flow and maintain bus voltages at required level and so improve the voltage profile, to improve load transfer capability, decreasing the losses in the system and o perate the system within stable regions. This paper proposes a systematic method for finding optimal location of TCSC to improve voltage profile of a power system with Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) Algorithm. An OPF with/without TCSC using ABC algorithm is considered for healthy conditions in simulation and compared with existing literature. Effectiveness of the proposed method is demonstrated on IEEE 30-bus test system.