Non-linearity cancellation in MEMS resonators for improved power-handling

M. Agarwal, K. Park, R. Candler, M. Hopcroft, C. Jha, R. Melamud, B. Kim, B. Murmann, T.W. Kenny
IEEE InternationalElectron Devices Meeting, 2005. IEDM Technical Digest.  
In this work, we present mathematical analysis and experimental verification of the bifurcation limited power handling in MEMS resonators. We report useful cancellation between electrical and mechanical non-linearities. Within the scaling limits it has been found that the power handling improves for devices with larger electrode to resonator gaps. We also report an alternative method of measuring critical bifurcation using shifts in resonant frequency.
doi:10.1109/iedm.2005.1609330 fatcat:3fnw5l2yszfd7gnhawrdzfsdpq