A linear time-variant system for signal modulation by use of magnetorheological elastomer-suspended beams

G Y Zhou, Q Wang
2005 Smart materials and structures (Print)  
This paper presents a linear time-variant system for signal modulation. The system consists of a beam surface-bonded by two pairs of piezoelectric patches and suspended by magnetorheological elastomers (MREs) at its two ends. One pair of piezoelectric patches is excited by an applied electrical signal to induce bending deformations on the beam and the other pair converts the bending deformations into an electrical signal. These two electrical signals are the input and the output of the system
more » ... put of the system respectively. Since the eigenvalues and the modes of the beam are modulated by the field-dependent shear modulus of MREs, the output is thus associated with the time history of applied magnetic fields. This study will focus on investigating how the functions of the applied magnetic fields encode the input signal through Euler beam theory and time-frequency analysis. According to the time-frequency distributions of the delayed impulse responses, the system can be modeled as a damped vibration system with field-dependent resonant frequencies. Simulations are also presented to provide a deep illustration of signal modulation mechanisms of the proposed system.
doi:10.1088/0964-1726/14/6/008 fatcat:unywljy3jfhejpnglifzozbzg4