Recent Results on Fault-Tolerant Consensus in Message-Passing Networks [article]

Lewis Tseng
2016 arXiv   pre-print
Fault-tolerant consensus has been studied extensively in the literature, because it is one of the most important distributed primitives and has wide applications in practice. This paper surveys important results on fault-tolerant consensus in message-passing networks, and the focus is on results from the past decade. Particularly, we categorize the results into two groups: new problem formulations and practical applications. In the first part, we discuss new ways to define the consensus
more » ... which includes larger input domains, link fault models, different network models . . . etc, and briefly discuss the important techniques. In the second part, we focus on Crash Fault-Tolerant (CFT) systems that use Paxos or Raft, and Byzantine Fault-Tolerant (BFT) systems. We also discuss Bitcoin, which can be related to solving Byzantine consensus in anonymous systems, and compare Bitcoin with BFT systems and Byzantine consensus.
arXiv:1608.07923v1 fatcat:6cqh3mlijrb3vgcbio2j2j3sju