A Combined Approach to DoS Attack Detection System

Archana Salaskar, R.N. Phursule
2015 International Journal of Computer Applications  
In the network system attack like Denial of service (DoS) is forthcoming damaging attack. The performance of online servers degrades within seconds. Intensive computation on the target server is imposed due to this attack. Target Server gets flooded with large useless packets. The fatality server can be forced out of service From a few minutes to even several days. Eventually crucial business services running on the target fatality causes work down on the target fatality. So for the researchers
more » ... it is very challenging task. The development of network-based detection mechanisms is the focus of the solution of this kind of attack. Based on these mechanisms in the existing detection systems, traffic transmitted over the protected networks get monitored. Mainly two methods are introduced for detection mechanism namely Misuse based and Anomaly based detection systems. But to enhance the detection rate they are not sufficient. In the proposed system the features which are directly associated with DoS attacks are extract by monitoring the network traffic. To generate geometrical triangular area measurements for normal profiles on the basis of these features the multivariate correlation analysis (MCA) model is used. To detect any unknown DoS attack in the network, these models are used as references. And furthermore to detect attack anomaly detection method is used. Only MCA and anomaly based system is not sufficient for accurate attack detection. So the inventive work behavioral based rule model integrated with MCA and anomaly, as a hybrid model used to enhance the accuracy of DoS attack detection. In proposed inventive model behavioral rules are generated for suspected packets and ultimately detection accuracy as well as detection rate get increased.
doi:10.5120/ijca2015905684 fatcat:kzcri3pbvbbknns63xnoiqp3ee