Vibration analysis of angle-ply laminates composite plate under thermo-mechanical effect ‫حرارية‬ ‫ييكاَيكية‬ ‫احًال‬ ‫جأثير‬ ‫جحث‬ ‫انًركبة‬ ‫نهصفائح‬ ‫االهحساز‬ ‫جحهيم‬

Adnan Jameel, Rasha Hussien
2015 Journal of Engineering   unpublished
ABSRACT The paper presents mainly the dynamic response of an angle ply composite laminated plates subjected to thermo-mechanical loading. The response are analyzed by analytically using Newmark direct integration method with Navier solution, numerically by ANSYS. The experimental investigation is to fabricate the laminates and to find mechanical and thermal properties of glass-polyester such as longitudinal, transverse young modulus, shear modulus, longitudinal and transverse thermal expansion.
more » ... Present of temperature could increase dynamic response of plate also depending on lamination angle, type of mechanical load and the value of temperature.