Послуги 3PL у межах відповідального логістичного міксу

Рожко Наталія Ярославівна
2020 Zenodo  
Abstract. The work defines a goal of responsible logistics, which deals with cargo delivery in proper time atminimum expenditure of labor and material resources with consideration of the degree of responsibility at eachstage of cargo shipping from a producer to a consumer. The author suggests four stages of efficient responsible logistics. It is confirmed that at the first stage it is reasonable to set the tasks, which are to be solved by business logistics. The second stage is devoted to
more » ... analysis of the Best Practice in the examined area, studying of the logistics of competitors, reviewing of available information. The third stage expects developing of the enterprise strategy. The fourth stage makes corrections after the first results of the work. The research argues that a logistic mission should supply a system, which aims to improve quality of products and services of the enterprise, its competitive capacity, integration of the supplying, productive and marketing activity. In the process of a consumer servicing, the system should also provide additional competitive advantages in a supply chain in order to maximize the total value of commodities for the ultimate consumer. To improve the level of responsible logistics it is proposed to apply 3PL services (from English third-party logistics), meaning supply of a complex of logistic services from delivery and location warehousing to orders management and tracing of the cargo move. The work names principal mistakes in the work of 3PL operator, which cause extra expenditures and influence time of delivery. Summarizing the above, we can say that the use of 3PL operator will speed up the process of convincing potential and current customers about the ability to transform their supply chains - providing exceptional control and service at the lowest price. Focusing on continuous process improvement through strategic modeling can help differentiate logistics services from other suppliers and establish long-term customer relationships. Key [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4081233 fatcat:fkqzkq5gsvhi3lmpbaibszsuga