Strong paper from spruce CTMP – Part II: Effect of pressing at nip press temperatures above the lignin softening temperature

Sven Norgren, Gunilla Pettersson, Hans Höglund
2018 Nordic Pulp & Paper Research Journal  
The main objective of the current study was to demonstrate that it is possible to enhance strength properties of sheets from spruce HT-CTMP and CTMP furnishes up to the same level as is common on sheets from softwood kraft pulps by changing conditions in papermaking. To achieve that, sheets of spruce HT-CTMP and CTMP were consolidated at densities close to that of the reference bleach kraft pulp by pressing at press nip temperatures well above the tack and softening temperatures of lignin. On
more » ... eets from spruce CTMP (CSF 420 ml), where the fibers were surface treated with cationic starch, it was possible to reach tensile index at the same level as on sheets from the untreated reference kraft pulp. The compression strength (SCT) of CTMP and HT-CTMP sheets, which were achieved at the highest press nip temperature (200 °C) in the study, was equal to or higher than that of the reference kraft pulp sheets. The results show that there is a great yet unexploited potential in papermaking from spruce HT-CTMP and CTMP furnishes, which could be utilized in manufacturing of products where very high requirements upon strength is demanded.
doi:10.1515/npprj-2018-3009 fatcat:cf5j7newbvan5pw2a2txzbrasm